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Today in Titanic History - with Searching
Today in
Titanic History

Friday, July 12, 2024
1941 - 1st class survivor Mrs Malvina Helen Cornell died in New York, USA at the age of 84.

1972 - 2nd class survivor Miss Kate Buss died of heart failure / disease in Independence, Oregon, USA at the age of 96.

1892 - 3rd class passenger Mr Peter Andreas Lauritz Andersen S°holt was born.

1911 - 3rd class survivor Miss Helene Barbara Baclini was born to Solomon Baclini and Latifa Qurban Baclini.

1924 - 3rd class survivor Mr Neshan Krekorian married Persa Vartanian, who was not on the Titanic.

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2000: September

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*Chicago Experience



*B2T News Sorry for the late arrival once again of the newsletter. I am getting married this weekend (on the 16th) and I have been quite busy! Please accept my humble apologies!

Not much in B2T news. Small things are being added everyday so check back often!

Ane is still MIA, so Corey is doing the newsletter till our search team finds her!

*Titanic News Kate Winslet is due any day now. Kate's official due date has been released as only "late September" which was moved back from the earlier date of "early September." The latest shots of Kate show her with a significant belly and a proud mother's glow.

Later this month James Cameron's first attempt at Television, the show "Dark Angel," will hit screens across the country.


*Wallpaper by Corey

Based on the quote: "And the bridesmaids dresses..."

Why I chose this quote? Because I have had a zillion problems with my bridesmaid dresses (heck I have had problems with *just* the bridesmaids) well as the whole wedding in general. So I could see where Ruth was coming from with this line. Weddings are HORRIBLE to plan! =) Oh and of COURSE my bridesmaids dresses are lavendar...

URL of this month's wallpaper:

*Rare Picture

*Titanic In September's History

September 1, 1985 -- Dr. Robert Ballard discovered the wreckage of the Titanic in the Atlantic Ocean.

September 8, 1995 -- James Cameron starts his dives to the wreckage of the Titanic. This is the first of 12 dives to film the wreckage of the Titanic for his movie.

September 9, 1911 -- JJ Astor marries Madeline Talmadge Force in Newport, Rhode Island.

September 20, 1911 -- HMS Hawke rams the RMS Olympic.

September 26, 1934 -- The Queen Mary is launched by the newly formed Cunard-White Star Line LTD.



"The Wreckage"

Each month we have been making graphic sets surrounding a particular scene or theme from Titanic. This month's theme is the wreckage. Enjoy the graphics, but remember that you must give credit to B2T when using these on your websites.


*Scene Facts:
-- None since this isn't a scene--



Seamless Frames

As always, there are tiny things about Photoshop that no one tells you but make all the difference. I'm going to tell you how to make my popular seamless frames. Like seamless backgrounds, seamless frames are continuous. From one frame to the next, the collage or shapes don't miss a beat. The real key to them is guides.

  1. Open a document (300x400 pixels with a transparent background here). Go to the menu under View | Show Rulers.

  2. Hold down your mouse and drag it from the ruler into the image. A blue guide should appear once you release the mouse. You can drag them from the upper or left rulers. Make two like this:

  3. Create a collage similar to this: The black in the lower right is the solid colored content page.

  4. Make a selection of the left "frame" like this:

  5. Copy Merged and paste it as a new image. Then copy and paste the corner image (in this case, Rose and the biplane) onto this new image.

  6. Offset it (just like with seamless backgrounds) with 0 horizontal. You will want to zoom in and make sure it matches the corner picture in the first layer.

  7. Lastly, cut the harsh top edge of the corner picture to make it seamless. This will be your left frame's background. Everything above the horizontal guides is the background for the upper frame.

Good luck (and please remember to be original)!

[ Why aren't your frames meeting up? Netscape gives you a default of 3 or 4 pixels and Internet Explorer doesn't. So when you view it in IE it looks correct and Netscape it does not. I usually compromise between the two. ]



I decided to have an interview as well as the stories from Chicago. This interview is with Nick Cascone whom played Bobby Buell.

Nick, first of all, thank you for letting me interview you! Now, let's start with the questions! Who are you and what was your role in "Titanic?"

My name is Nicholas Cascone, and I played Bobby Buell.

Nick, what was your typical day like?

Up at 6 PM for a 7 PM set call at the Keldysh's dock. Cruise about an hour out to the shooting site, during which I'd go through wardrobe, makeup and hair. Shoot for about 12 hours, on a normal "day". If I was released early, I'd get a speedboat lift back to the dock, otherwise cruise back in on the Keldysh. Get back to the hotel around 10 AM, crash and do it over again the next day.

That sounds like a really long day! And here I thought that the Rosarito set was the only set that worked the night shift! So, when did you first see the final product? Were you happy with the end result?

I attended the first cast & crew screening. To be honest, I was disappointed that some of my scenes were cut, but after hearing that just about everyone's work was cut to some extent, I felt better.

Hopefully we will get to see that footage someday! Nick, did you contribute any ideas/suggestions to the film? Did they make "the final cut?"

My approach to Buell was quite different from Jim's original thoughts concerning the character. My view pretty much prevailed in the film.

How interesting! What did you learn from the experience?

I learned a great deal about directing from Jim; watching him work an enormous, unwieldy cast and crew, plus countless technical elements was fascinating.

Nick, was Cameron as bad as the press has made him out to be?

Nope. He had a big job, and didn't have time to deal with mistakes, arguments, or incompetence. It's not PC these days to act like you know more about something than someone else, but Jim doesn't care about that. He's totally focused on getting the job done. People on his set who have agendas besides that will get yelled at. In my opinion, that's exactly as it should be.

It sounds like he was made out to be a lot worse than he really was. He just needed to get the job done. Nick, if you could do it all over again, would you?

In a heartbeat.

Stay tuned to Making Waves for the next installment in this interview!




In March I was surfing the web and decided to go back to one of my old favorite sites, Countdown To Titanic. There was a recent update (which suprised me) and I saw that there was plans underway to have a convention in Chicago.

I had already been plotting to see if there was anyway I could drive there, knowing that Chicago wasn't too terribly far from me, about a seven hour drive. Knowing there was going to be a convention perked my interest even more into the prospect of going.

As time went on things began to fall into place. Don Lynch agreed to come, as well as Judy P a Primary Extra from the film. The hotel was set and the dates were confirmed. I began talking to a seamstress to create a dress for me for the Titanic themed dinner that was to take place.

Sadly as time went on the dress was a no go. Colors weren't able to come in and time was running short. In a last attempt to get a dress I begged my seamstress to let me borrow hers so that I would have one to wear. She agreed to send it, as long as I understood it would be a bit big. I didn't care, I was happy to have a dress.

Meanwhile I began talking with a girl that lived nearby whom was going to go to the same conference, Christina. We decided to carpool and one of her friends wanted to come along to meet a friend from the internet. So that eased the pain a bit with the gas, considering it was so high this summer.

So plans were set, time was requested off of work, and money was saved... I was ready for whatever the weekend had in store for me!

Thursday- July 20, 2000

On Thursday I was getting anxious. Trevor [my fiance] brought my dress that Shannon [my seamstress] was allowing me to borrow to work, and it then hit me that I was REALLY going to the convention. After all the questioning if I was going or not, I was REALLY GOING! I was beginning to get butterflies in my stomach, and so forth. But I was keeping my cool... Needless to say I raced home to try on my dress!

I got home and tore into my room and threw my clothes off in a hurry. I pulled the dress up and turned around and saw that although it was a bit big, it fit, and looked simply wonderful. Shannon did an amazing job on this dress, it looked so much like the one from the even sounded the same when I walked! I walked out to show my dad and of course he had to mention the fact that the dress was a bit too low cut and if someone was standing above me they had a straight shot down the dress. I returned to my room and I rifled through the massive piles of laundry in my room and dug out my black tube top. It was perfect. Couldn't see it, but couldn't see anything else.

Then came the shoes. Which ones to wear. I drug about 4 different pairs out and finally decided on a red pair...only to change it back to the plain black ones an hour later.

Later on that night I got on to check my e mail to discover that the Wyndham hotel had charged Mary [event coordinator] an extra $2100 for the unreserved rooms. Due to this she would need an extra $90 per person to stay afloat. I felt so awful, I had BARELY scraped the money together to go, and I was worried that I couldn't attend if I had to pay the extra $90. But I decided that I would go anyway and I hoped that somehow the charges would be able to be reversed.

My fiance and I ran out to Giant Eagle to pick up some film (on sale for $3 a roll) and he also paid for some munchies for me for the trip (how nice of him). I got back to my house around 3 AM and decided to start packing. I eventually fell asleep around 5 AM...and got a whole 3 hours of sleep!


That is all for this month's issue of Making Waves! See you next month!

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