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Today in Titanic History - with Searching
Today in
Titanic History

Friday, July 12, 2024
1941 - 1st class survivor Mrs Malvina Helen Cornell died in New York, USA at the age of 84.

1972 - 2nd class survivor Miss Kate Buss died of heart failure / disease in Independence, Oregon, USA at the age of 96.

1892 - 3rd class passenger Mr Peter Andreas Lauritz Andersen S°holt was born.

1911 - 3rd class survivor Miss Helene Barbara Baclini was born to Solomon Baclini and Latifa Qurban Baclini.

1924 - 3rd class survivor Mr Neshan Krekorian married Persa Vartanian, who was not on the Titanic.

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2000: October

*Monthly Stuff
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*Copal's Queue
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*Chicago Experience
*History With Kelly



*B2T News
Well things are changing a bit here at B2T. Some people have left, some have come and some are in for the long haul. With school back in session we are a bit more busy! But we are trying to crack down and update the site with new things. More Cast Bios are to come this month!

Making Waves will also be tweaked a bit next month. We will be discarding the "Graphic Set of the Month" idea due to the fact that very few sites are open and updating anymore, so few people are making use of the graphic sets. We will also be discarding the "Scene of the Month" idea and subsituting "Character of the Month" in which you will find info, graphics and much more about the character of the month in each issue. Please leave us feedback via the site to let us know what you think of the changes!

*Titanic News
Kate Winslet is now the proud mother of an 8 pound 9 ounce baby girl, Mia. Kate, whom went well over he due date, gave birth on Thursday October 12. Both Mommy and Baby are doing well and are due to return home on Monday the 16th.

Kate Winslet is said to be looking forward to her seven month break from her career to spend time with her daughter. Her next project will be "Therese Raquin," in which Kate will also produce.

Kate also will be co-starring in the upcoming movie Quills, which is to be released in late November. The movie is about the Marquis de Sade during his imprisionment in the Bastille. Kate, whom plays a laundress named Madeline, is drawn to Sade and his tales of the dark side. This movie has not yet been rated, but it is not for the weak hearted nor for children.

On October 1 James Cameron's new show, Dark Angel aired. This show is one of TV Guide's top picks as well as many other TV critics. Tune it on Tuesdays!

In Leo news...the Titanic King has reportadly gained roughly 25 pounds for his newest role in Gangs of New York, which he is currently filming in Italy. The rumor has it that he has been put on a strict diet to keep the weight off.

More in Leo news...Leo is to play in the upcoming movie Johnny Eck as two twins. This time there is a twist...the second twin was born without any lower extremities. This role will prove to be a challenge for Mr. DiCaprio.

And rounding out the Leo news, the Titanic star is rumoured to have proposed this past weekend to on again, off again supermodel Gisele. Although this story is not confirmed by either party as of yet, the "Daily Star" claimed the Titanic star quoted that, "he was afraid of loosing her," and proposed with a six carat diamond ring at a party in Gisele's honor. The model was said to have burst into tears as she accepted his offer. A post on the supermodels message board states that this is a lie, but only time will tell if Titanic Superstar Leo has made the promise to "Never Let Go" of that special someone...


*Wallpaper by Copal

Quote: "I know how the world works."

Why I picked it: There was an unspoken reality hovering around the romance of Jack and Rose. Jack had experienced life and knew the injustices that fell upon so many people like him. In seeing people, he could also see himself, and see that this situation was so unlikely. This line took me out of the movie for just a moment, remembering that this could have been real, and if it hadn't been a movie I wouldn't be so certain that Rose would return to Jack. He knew what was up against him but he wasn't going to accept it entirely.

URL of this month's wallpaper:

*Rare Picture

*Titanic In October's History
October 4, 1994 -- Wreck of the Titanic exibition opens, National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, England.

October 5, 1975 -- Kate Winslet is born in Reading, England.

October 17, 1937 -- Death of White Star managing director Joseph Bruce Ismay.

October 20, 1910 -- Lauch of Titanic's sister ship Olympic.

October 21, 1986 -- Declaration of Titanic as a historical site by the RMS Titanic Maritime Memorial Act


The "Modern Day" scenes

Each month we have been making graphic sets surrounding a particular scene or theme from Titanic. This month we are doing the beginning scenes with Old Rose.


Starting this month a monthly hotbar will be added to the downloads of the month. Please remember to put it in the C:\Program Files\Hotbar\ folder.

Address of this month's hotbar:

*Scene Facts:

  1. Cameron had originally wanted to have a survivor from the Titanic play the role of Old Rose. Sadly no survivors are left that are mobile enough to play the role and withstand the long hours of filming.

  2. Much of the wreckage footage is footage that was taped in one of Cameron's twelve dives to the wreck. The rule of thumb to use is to look for the "grainy" footage.

  3. The animation sequence that Bodine narrates along with was the same animation that Cameron used to pitch the movie to FOX.

  4. The original screenplay had Old Rose stating that, "Wasn't I a hot number?" after seeing the drawing below water. Gloria Stuart and Cameron decided that line was not in character for Rose and changed the line to, "Wasn't I a dish?"

  5. All this footage was filmed in Nova Scotia, all prior to any of the 1912 footage was filmed.

  6. After eating PCP laden chowder after the final day of filming in Halifax, numerous members of the cast and crew were rushed to a local hospital for treatment. Originally rhought to be Red Tide (a shellfish poisioning) the cast and crew were given treatment and released.

  7. Louis Bodine is actually James Cameron's long time friend and avid Titanic Historian. Cameron wrote Bodine in the film to pay tribute to his Titanic buddy and eventaully cast his dear friend in the role since he could not find an actor to properly portray him.




In September, I wrote about seamless frames, which included a crash course on guides. What else can guides do?

When making an image map, you can choose to break it apart instead of coding the edges. Use the guides to represent the edge of each area on your map. Go to View and make sure Lock to Guides is checked. Use the square Selection Tool on the different areas. Copy and paste each to its new document. Save them as separate files. Placing the images on the page put them in a table (or center them if that will work) according to the image shape.

When you scan images, they're not always exactly straight on the scanner. You don't want to cut out parts of the image like this:
But sometimes it's hard to gauge what's absolutely horizontal. Drag a guide onto the image approximately to the center of the edge ( Select | All and go to Edit | Transform | Rotate. Turn the selection until the edge is parallel to the edge like this:
Zoom in and drag guides to the edges of the image until there are four:
Crop the center area and you are done. You've lost the bare minimum of the image.



This is the second installment of my interview with Nick Cascone (Bobby Buell).

If you could change anything about the experience, what would you have changed?

I would have paid more attention to everything that was going on besides my work. It was a unique opportunity to be behind the scenes of Hollywood history, though I didn't fully realize it at the time.

Who knew it would be such a big movie! If you could go back in time and observe any part of the film being made, what would you have wanted to see?

I'd want to see the digital effects being created; it turns out I have a friend who worked for a very long time on the effects. I'd have liked to sit with him and watch him do his work.

Wow, what a rare coincidence! Did you ever go to the set in Rosarito?


What is the first question you are usually asked when someone finds out you were in Titanic?

"You were in Titanic? Really? Who were you? Did you have lines?"

Does anyone notice you in restaurants and such? Has/was it a hassle?

Occasionally, but not much from Titanic these days. I was in the very beginning of the movie, and by the time the end comes, people have pretty much forgotten about the modern-day story, except for the characters of Rose and Brock.

I remembered you! =) Nick, how did you get this job?


Easy enough! Were you interested in Titanic prior to the film?

A bit, but not to the extent that I became interested in it during filming.

Nick, have you worked on any other films or shows prior to Titanic?

You bet. I have been in quite a few films, television shows, commercials and stage shows.

Nick, if you could meet someone that was actually on the ship, who would it be and why?

Hard to say. I'd like to have a talk with Captain Smith and Mr. Ismay, and I know I'd like to have been friends with the Strauses.

Would you go down to the wreck site?

I think not. Too dangerous, and not really much to see down there but a big wrecked ship. The human stories are the interesting part of the event, and they're not found down there.

Very good point. If you were on the Titanic what would you have done to save yourself?

If I were alone, I'd probably have helped women and children onto a lifeboat, hoping that by being helpful I'd get the crew to allow me on the boat. If I were with my family, I'd have done all I could to get them on a boat first, and say my goodbyes. After that, if I could get a boat, I would.

What a guy! If you could change anything in the film, what would you change?

It's self-serving, but I would have left more of my scenes in the finished product! Also, in my fantasies, I'd have liked to rewrite the love story and redirect the leads; there was a lot more to those characters than I saw them put on the screen.

Who wouldnt want to see more of their lines thrown back in! Hmm, sounds like we have an aspiring director here! So, do you still talk to anyone from the movie?

I get Christmas cards from Jim every year, but the only person I see on a regular basis is the casting director, Mali Finn. She brings me in to audition for practically every project she works on, and I'm very grateful to her for that.


Stay tuned to Making Waves for the final installment in this interview!



Friday, July 21, 2000

Friday morning comes bright and early when the dog is barking at 6AM because there is a hot air balloon in your backyard... Chewie (my dog) has this thing about hot air balloons... So I got up and packed what small stuff I had left and started reading Don's book to prepare myself for whom I would be meeting. I was already familiar with Judy, so I wasn't as nervous about meeting her. But Don I was a bit leery about... He has a book that basically is the definitive book on the Titanic and he would have every right to be stuffy. Dr. Ballard was, so I guess that is what I expected from Don. I was in for a surprise!

Chris (a girl that Christina (my ride) knew who was bumming a ride to meet a friend from the internet she knew from Chicago) picked me up and the journey began!

We went to Chris's house and transferred everything to Christina's car and off we went! I was so nervous; I am with two people that I virtually don't know for 8 hours... This could get hairy you know!? I am also somewhat shy when it comes to people I don't I was extra nervous.

The trip was a non-stop Titanic talk. Christina and I talked about everything from the music to what we would do if we met Leo (her, stand next to him at the bar, me? buy him a drink - LOL) to what we were expecting from the trip. It was really awesome to be able to converse with someone that was as obsessed as I was. I was completely in a Titanic heaven.

We finally got into our hotel (after making a stop at the wrong Wyndham) around 4 o'clock. Chris met her friend and they left fairly quickly (we were a few hours behind schedule). We got checked in, and met a couple people that were with the conference. Christina and I went up to our room (318) and got settled in, then it occurred to us that we were STARVING and only had a small amount of time to get ready.

We went down the hall to the elevators, and were stopped at the couches in front of them by Mary and Judy (Christina recongized Judy). We all hugged, before we really knew who were hugging. Mary was nothing like I expected, I thought she had brown hair and she was flaming red. And Judy was so SHORT! But they were both so incredibly nice, that I immediately KNEW that this trip was going to be something to remember for the rest of my life.

Christina and I went to the bar and got ourselves a drink and some grub, but by the time it came out we literally had to SCARF our food down and beat feet up to the conference so that we wouldn't run late. We ended up ordering two different appetizers and splitting them, because one hamburger cost over $10. We still paid out the wazoo, but such is the price for an empty stomach.

We got up to the conference room the Hampton (how cool) and we were one of the first people in there. So we signed our names and picked up our nametags. Judy was setting up her items that she brought, so we conversed with her a bit about her trip and so forth. Judy had drove all the way here from California. Her and her son, Jeff, had decided to make a road trip out of the conference, which I think is totally cool.

Slowly other people began to trickle in and we began to meet people that had been on the C2T board, and it was really neat to be able to start placing names and faces together -- from what few I knew. I come and go fairly often on the board. A lot of people recognized me due to my site, which was kinda bizarre, but neat.

Then we got started and Judy and Mary introduced themselves, explained the overcharging to those who didn't know, and we got on with our conference. Judy had finally finished putting her Titanic items up all over the rooms, and we began to watch the video that Judy brought that was chock full of awesome Titanic rarities. Judy had a montage full of things from the news, her personal videos, as well as the crew video (which was so awesome). The crew video started out with Kate moving her eyes back and forth, and shaking her shoulders in a sexy move while sitting at the dinner table. Quite amusing. The highlights were: Billy almost kissing Frances, Leo mocking the head guy wile he was giving orders (Kate had to turn around to refrain from laughing), Leo doing this amusing boogie on deck (this was when Kate and Leo were up on deck after the steerage dance, he also was singing a song to go along with it), the love boat theme with Billy, Frances and a few others singing in these little fans from the dinner room (Billy is quite the ham), the talking heads song "Once in a Lifetime" - there was a part in it where they show Murdoch on the deck of the Titanic, right before the iceberg hits, and the song goes "you may say to yourself..." the berg hits, "WHAT HAVE I DONE!" I was laughing so hard, When Bernard turns the wheel and they played the "Posidon Adventure" when the ship turns over, the Gilbert Grape King of the World (Leo as Gilbert Grape climbing to the top of the water tower with the "King of the World" dialogue playing along with it), "you know what I mean" montage with Jim Cameron [he said this a lot!] (and Leo the impersonator saying it as well), the "eye" when Kathy Bates asks for more ice, the Posidon adventure farce, the gone with the wind press release with GWTW taped over with Titanic, the Titanic Shh-sh-sh-shuffle...Billy Zane in Dead Calm... Too much to remember! I would kill for a copy of this tape...

After the video, we had a break, and I ran to the room and grabbed my pics that I had brought, and a pillow for the hard as a rock chairs that I was sitting in. I came back down just in time for the movie to start. Judy said that someone had mentioned that we should go around and introduce ourselves, so we did. We had quite a group! Judy and Mary mentioned that they would be leaving soon, since they had to pick Don Lynch up from the airport around 11, and it was already about 10 o'clock.

We got into the movie, and my butt finally could NOT take those chairs anymore! So I got nice and comfy on the floor with my pillow and watched Jack and Rose fall in love all over again. But man, comfort can be a bitch. I ended up getting so exhausted as the days excitement that I just HAD to go back to the room and go to bed.

I went up to our room, holding my pillow close and somewhat shuffling along. I passed a few people in the hallway who giggled as I walked by. I would have said something, but I was entirely too exhausted to care. I got into our room, and crawled beneath the covers and was out in a matter of minutes.

Christina came back about an hour later, woke me up (actually I am a light sleeper, as soon as her card hit the lock I was awake), and told me that they had came back with Don. I wanted to throw myself overboard, but she insisted that it wasnt anything big and I would be able to meet him in the morning. I finally shut myself up and went to sleep by the mini light of Christinas light as she was working frantically on the final touches of her swim dress for the next night.


That Faithless Night

On September 1, 1985, after laboriously searching for the majestic Titanic, they found fragments of man-made wreckage. Then, at 1:05 A.M., a boiler was spotted. Robert Ballard, with help from the French, had finally found the ship that hadn't been seen since April 15, 1912.

This amazing discovery made Dr. Ballard an overnight success, because of this he was able to go down to explore the wreck and the surrounding debris field. This also was used to test his underwater video technology.

In 12 days, 10 dives were made in the submersible, Alvin. The remote camera, Jason Junior, helped take video footage of the ship. This helped answer many questions about what really happened on that faithless night.

On that night, the stern rose out of the water after the ship broke in two. This occurred between the third and forth funnels, like witnesses reported. The aft was too heavy because it contained the engine rooms and weighed too much to stay intact. The breaking point was a weak spot because of large open spaces, and the aft Grand Staircase, in the above areas. As the ship plunged to the bottom, the remaining three funnels were swept away, most of the rigging went with them. The cables dragged along the boat deck, knocking away davits and other equipment. The bow, still basically intact, went gliding down on an angle, hitting nose first and burying itself sixty feet into the silt. The aft part of the bow bent slightly and the forepeak remained buried in the mud on a sharper angle.

The stern, which hadn't fully filled with water, went plunging straight down. The flowing, incoming water forced out all the remaining air, wreaking havoc and damage. The poop deck was torn open and folded back on itself. The stern hit the bottom first with such force that the decks accordained down onto one another, the hull bulged outward.

And that was what they learned from that site. Tune in next month for another issue of "History with Kelly."


That is all for this month's issue of Making Waves! See you next month!

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