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Today in Titanic History - with Searching
Today in
Titanic History

Friday, July 12, 2024
1941 - 1st class survivor Mrs Malvina Helen Cornell died in New York, USA at the age of 84.

1972 - 2nd class survivor Miss Kate Buss died of heart failure / disease in Independence, Oregon, USA at the age of 96.

1892 - 3rd class passenger Mr Peter Andreas Lauritz Andersen S°holt was born.

1911 - 3rd class survivor Miss Helene Barbara Baclini was born to Solomon Baclini and Latifa Qurban Baclini.

1924 - 3rd class survivor Mr Neshan Krekorian married Persa Vartanian, who was not on the Titanic.

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My name is Kristel and I am 19 years old. I became fascinated with the Titanic when I was very young and the myths about its condition were that it was still in one piece. As I became older, I found the Titanic and her story to be one of the most intriguing that I had ever heard. Then, the film came out.

Since I write for my local newspaper and my college newspaper, I decided to try and get as much about the Titanic as possible, both film and the real thing. Before I knew I was in Santa Monica, CA, interviewing the steerage band from Titanic, Gaelic Storm. Less than a month later I drove down to Southern California where I spoke with Jennifer Carter, world renown Titanic expert and 1987 expedition leader which went down to the Titanic for most of the artifacts. She shared with me some wonderful stories as well what her thoughts on the ship tragedy were. From this I received wonderful writing experiences, unforgettable memories, and a deeper understanding and fascination for this! lost ship. I am also very interested in speaking with B2T staff about projects, and or, project ideas. Please don't hesitate to e-mail me at Thank You.



"You jump, I jump, right?"


Rare picture

Passenger Margaret "Molly" Brown, wife of Colorado millionaire, was returning from a winter abroad and excursion to Egypt with the Astors. Her heroism and selflessness during the disaster (she effectively assumes command of her lifeboat and persuaded the other women to help with the rowing) earned her the moniker the "Unsinkable Molly Brown."


Hello all. Welcome to my second article. You are know going to learn about Kate Elizabeth Winslet.

On October 5, 1975, Kate was born in Reading, England to Roger and Sally Winslet. She is the second of 4 children. She has an older sister named Anna who is either 27 or she may be 28 now, a younger sister named Beth who is about 21 maybe 22, and a younger brother named Joss who is 19 or 20. Her father, grandparents, uncle, and sisters are all actors so Kate was born into an acting world. Her brother is thinking of taking medicine and her mother is a nanny.

Kate has natural brownish blonde hair, blue green eyes, 5'8" tall, and takes women's size 10 in shoes. That's almost the same as her costar in Titanic, Leo. When Kate was younger she was a little over weight and had the nickname "Blubber." As you can tell she no longer is faced with that. :)

She attended an acting school in Maidenhead, England called Redroofs. She attended it from age 11 to 16. Her acting debut was in a Sugar Crisp commercial at the age of 12. Followed by the following TV shows:
Shrinks (1988)
Dark Seasons (1991 as Reet)
Get Back (1992-1993 as Eleanor Sweet)
Casualty (1993 as Suzanne)
Anglo-Saxon Attitudes (1993, a 3-part mini-series)

Her theatre works include:
Adrian Mole as Pandora
Peter Pan as Wendy
A Game of Soldier as Gertrude
What the Butler Saw as Geraldine (nominated for the Manchester News Award)

Heavenly Creatures as Juliet (her big break in 1994)
Kid in King Arthur's Court (1995 as Sarah)
Sense and Sensibility (won a SAG, a BAFTA, and was nominated for an Oscar in 1996)
Jude as Sue (1996)
Hamlet as Ophelia (1996)
Titanic (Oscar nominated for best Actress)
Hideous Kinky

Kate is also married to Jim Threapleton. The engagement was announced on October 16, 1998. They had been dating since early that year. They made on the set of Hideous Kinky as he was assistant director. It has been said he looks a lot like Leo which many say is a compliment. They married November 21st, 1998 in Kate's hometown. There was only 170 guests and was very private. There honeymoon was a 2 1/2 trip to Scotland.

Kate was engaged once before to Stephen Tredre, but sadly he died of bone cancer December 8th, 1997 at the age 34. Kate skipped the premiere of Titanic to attend his funeral. They had been together for 4 and a half years.

Kate's favorite things are:
Music: Classical, Gregorian chants, Indigo Girls, Portishead, The Verve, Oasis, Crowded House, The Sundays. A particular favorite album is Cafe del Mar - Ibiza, Vol. 3, a compilation CD.

Movies: Reservoir Dogs, The Piano, The Silence of the Lambs, Grease, Santa Claus: The Movie

Car: She drives a black Jeep Cherokee.

Camera: James Cameron gave her the Canon Elph 370Z camera, of which Kate said "It fits in your pocket and takes the most stunning photographs."

She also smokes cigarettes.

How she got the part of Rose in Titanic "Paula Parisi in her book, Titanic and the Making of James Cameron, says that Casting Director Mali Finn pressed Director James Cameron to consider Kate for the role of Rose. Kate's pursuit of the role was vintage Winslet. Encountering resistance in being cast for a role is to Kate like the proverbial red flag to a bull.

She was determined to be Rose and she would leave no stone unturned to get it. Kate can't say James Cameron didn't warn her that the making of Titanic would be an arduous project. She warmed to the challenge, and having starred in Titanic, Kate Winslet's life will never be the same. "

Ane the newsletter host likes Kate or Rose because: "My first thought when I saw Rose coming out of the car was beautiful, but arrogant. But when you later get to know her, you just want to smile. As Jack says, she has a fire inside of her. And we owe it all to Kate Winslet!"

by Corey Ann

Harry was a tall man, with a buzz haircut. In his hands he had a hardback version of "The Discovery of the Titanic," and a camera. He told me that he had been there since noon! And I thought that I was too early. So we do the little chat-chat and walk into the hall and sit down.

Harry was very sweet, talking about Titanic and what he thought of it. None of my friends or family will talk BACK about Titanic (they listen with one ear and murmur "uh huh" every now and then) so I was happy to talk to a person that knew what he was talking about.

All week Harry had mentioned that he may have a surprise for me when he got to Akron. But, he wouldn't tell me what it was. Harry finally gets a big grin on his face and asks me if I want to see the surprise. I told him of course. Out comes a piece of paper. I sat there and thought THIS is a surprise? Then I begin to read it. It was a copy of a letter that a survivor had wrote to him! He had wrote to the survivor in care of a magazine in which she had been interviewed, and she wrote back! The letter was fascinating, mentioning that some people were not on Titanic that claimed to be, among other things. Then the biggest surprise of all came, Harry told me I could keep it!

We then sauntered down to where everyone was waiting to file into the seats. That is when we caught wind of the rumor that at 7 o'clock, Ballard would be signing autographs! I was really excited then! Then the doors were opened, and we were ushered into the first row (that we could sit in, the first 3 were all reserved for the "elite" group that were having dinner with him at that moment). Sitting to our left was a family of four, the father being a son of a survivor, and to our right was this little kid and his mom. The little kid knew his stuff about Titanic. He was going on and on about this and that. So, when I got up to get in line for the autographs, I asked his Mom if he could come along. She smiled and said yes, so I took the little boy with me, who was falling over himself in excitement of meeting Ballard!


Frames are defined as multiple pages that are displayed in one window at the same time, for instance a menu on the left and a main page on the right.

Before I teach anyone anything regarding frames, I'm going to make this disclaimer: Don't blame me for sites that misuse these frames. I'm going to be as thorough as I can.

1. You need three HTML files. The first is called the frameset and the other two are just like any page you've made before.

2. The frameset assigns which page goes on which frame. Write the frameset like this:

<html> <head> <title> Frames Example </title> <frameset cols="123,*" frameborder=0 framespacing=0 border=0> <frame src="menu.html" name="leftside"> <frame src="main.html" name="main" resize=no> </frameset> </head> </html>

3. Name one page "menu.html" and one "main.html". View the frameset. (Go to File | Open Page on Internet Explorer or Netscape to view.)

4. When linking, and you want a link to open in another frame, write like this (again, take out the dollar signs):

<A HREF="page-2.html" target="main"> Text link to page 2 </A> This will make a text link that should be placed on the menu. It will open in the main frame.

5. When you are linking to a site other than your own, and you don't want people to get caught in your frames, change the target="main" to target="_top" instead. Visitors will appreciate this more than you will ever know.

Now you have frames. You can change the frame names as long as they match the ones on the frameset.  
We hope you enjoyed this months newsletter. We are looking forward to the next one and hope you are too!

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