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Today in Titanic History - with Searching
Today in
Titanic History

Friday, July 12, 2024
1941 - 1st class survivor Mrs Malvina Helen Cornell died in New York, USA at the age of 84.

1972 - 2nd class survivor Miss Kate Buss died of heart failure / disease in Independence, Oregon, USA at the age of 96.

1892 - 3rd class passenger Mr Peter Andreas Lauritz Andersen S°holt was born.

1911 - 3rd class survivor Miss Helene Barbara Baclini was born to Solomon Baclini and Latifa Qurban Baclini.

1924 - 3rd class survivor Mr Neshan Krekorian married Persa Vartanian, who was not on the Titanic.

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"Please dress warmly, it is quite cold out tonight!"

This time you can see a few sets from the Carpathia scene. We hope you will enjoy them, and give full credit to B2T if you use them!

A graphic set made by Mark

A set by Ane

This graphic set is made by Corey Ann

"Please dress warmly, it's quite cold out tonight..."
Facts from the Carpathia scene

The scene was originally written to have Cal and Rose meet each other on the deck. Rose told Cal that he was to tell everyone she is dead, or she will expose him.
Both Billy and Kate thought that this was a bad ending, so they got Jim to rewrite it so that Cal never sees Rose.
Rose was originally written to walk off the Carpathia, and disappear into the crowds. Since the budget ran so high, this scene was cut due to the expense for having almost 1,000 extras and so forth brought to New York to film a 30 second clip.
The "Carpathia" was actually the Titanic, but they rearranged the bow so it was not quite so apparent that it was the Titanic.
If there is ever a "director's cut" released, this scene may see the most revival, with shots of Ismay, and so forth on board the Carpathia. If you wish to see this "lost" footage, it made it onto the Titanic Explorer.
To see the Statue of Liberty from Rose's viewpoint, she would have had to be on land.

The Statue that Rose sees is not like the one she would have seen in 1912. It is the one you would see today, with the new torch. This was actually a miniature that was made...


"It makes no sense, that is why I trust it!"


Rare picture

Populating Titanic's first-class decks were prominent American millionaires John Jacob Astor, Benjamin Guggenheim, and Isador Strauss, founder of Macy's department store. Ironically, American financier John Pierpont Morgan, whose conglomerate IMM owned White Star Line, had to cancel his booking due to business delays.

BOOK REVIEW - by Corey Ann

Titanic: A Love Story
By: Shannon O'Cork
Rating: R

Titanic: A Love Story is an intricate tale woven around numerous passengers in first class. The first family that this story touches is the Lockholm family, whom consists of Swan and Smoke, two fifteen year old twins, and their nanny Mrs. Twiggs. Bayard and Audrey are their parents. Also along on this trip is Burt and Victoria VanVoorst, whom are expecting their first child. And finally, Lady Nicola Pomeroy, and Dove, her mother, whom Captain Smith has taken a fancy to.

The twins, Smoke and Swan may be strikingly alike on the outside, but on the inside they are as different as two girls could be. Swan has finally met her penpal Danny, whom is a violinist on board the Titanic. They begin to have a love affair, which Smoke disdains. Secretly, Smoke desires Danny as well, even if he is below their class. Who will get Danny first? Who will leave the ship as the virgin?

Smoke and Swan's governess is Mrs. Twiggs, whom really isn't a Mrs. She has taken the name for dignity's sake. She cares for Swan and Smoke dearly, perhaps more than their mother has. She has raised them from when they were babes. Secretly she fancies Col. Gracie. She also holds a great disrespect for the Mr. and Mrs. for their lack of help in rasing their daughters. Will Mrs. Twigg leave the twins after an episode with Swan that leaves Mrs. Twigg flabbergasted?

Audrey Lockholm is obsessed with her husband, and will do anything to protect him. In a weak moment, Audrey sought out a psychic, and the psychic forwarned Bay's death. She warned her of a woman with red hair, and of an ivory moon. Audrey is obsessed with this, and will do anything to stop it, even if it means paying for his soul...

Bayard Lockholm is obsessed with his work, and his wife. He is a co-owner of the IMM with JP Morgan, and is on board to make sure that Titanic's first trip is a smooth one, and to also watch over Bruce Ismay, whom has came off as a bit untrustworthy. Will his money be his key to survival?

Burt VanVoorst is not a handsome man, but he is a wealthy man, and he has a wife that adores him. When Burt finds out a deep dark secret about his wife, will he be strong enough to go on?

Victoria VanVoorst has a dark secret that few know. One of those few are on board the Titanic, and he is willing to spill the beans about her sordid past. She has kept a blue vial of cyanide close by since she married Burt, will she use it once Burt finds out her secret? Will the baby survive?

Lady Nicola Pomeroy is a widow traveling back to her homeland with her Mother, Dove. Leaving her life, and memories of her husband's tragic demise behind, or so she hoped. Someone from that past tries to meet again, and bring back all the painful feelings once again of a night she wished she could forget. Will he win? Or will Nicola come out on top?

Dove is a dove, and a heavenly creature for all to behold. Enchanted by her beauty, Captain E.J. Smith falls for Dove, and Dove falls for him. Will E. J. Smith leave his wife to begin anew with Dove? Or will Dove lose to the old and comfortable?

To find out the whole story I recommend reading this gripping tale on board of the Titanic. Any Titanic enthusiast should enjoy this read, which is an easy one!

by Corey Ann



For the second half of my two-part series on the difference between average and professional graphics, I decided to cover fonts and layers. They may require Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro.

Collecting and downloading fonts is relatively easy once you know where to look. My favorite stomping ground for fonts is the Font Ring ( There is a dramatic difference when you use an uncommon font on your graphics. The perfect font can change the mood of the piece entirely. Some graphics are best remembered just for their font, so they'll remember you the next time they see it.

Most fonts are in zip format. (Save them to a folder other than "C:/Windows/FONTS" for you Windows users.) After you're done downloading your fonts you need to unzip the files with WinZip, or a comparable program. Simply open the zip file and extract it to your primary font folder (Windows users should place them in "C:/Windows/FONTS" now). Open a graphics application (Photoshop, etc.) and add text just like usual. The fonts should appear in your existing list of fonts.

You can never have enough fonts, it sets you out from the crowd to use something other than Arial, Helvetica, New Times Roman, and the other fonts we've seen before. Don't get me wrong, they have their place.

A special note to webmasters: If you display the new fonts you've acquired on your page as text, as in font face="NewFont'sName", you will be able to see the font. However, unless your visitors have that font, they will see no difference.

When I first got Photoshop, I was uneasy using layers, but the program forced me to at least explore it. I never looked back. Layers are separate images on top of one another. Say you had one layer with Jack Dawson's face on it and a second with text on it. If you feel like changing it to Cal's face, you can without disturbing the layers above or below it. On Photoshop, you can turn layers "on" or "off" which is boundlessly useful. The best part of layers, especially when making custom graphics, is that you can go back later. I've gone back and made simple changes when the webmaster wanted a different picture, or for something to be lighter/darker. This will save a lot of time compared to using flattened images.

Animations can easily be made first in Photoshop. Make all of the frames for the animation within the layers. That way when it comes to moving it over to your animation program you just need to Copy Merged and Paste.

Keep in mind layered image files are much larger than jpgs of gifs. Whenever possible keep the layers to a minimum.


Madeleine Astor

Name (at birth): Madeleine Force
Name (at death): Madeleine Astor
Date born: 1894
Date died: 1940

Madeleine married John Jacob Astor in 1911. There was one problem with this though. What was it? Madeleine was 18 at the time of marriage while Astor for 48, 30 years older! Because of this the couple decided to go on a very long honeymoon in Egypt and Paris.

In the spring of 1912, they decided to return to the USA on the Titanic's maiden voyage. They were first class passengers on the voyage and out of everyone they were the richest! Can you imagine? Their ticket number was PC 17757 and they paid 224 pounds 10s. and 6d. They stayed in cabins C-62-64.

Boarding with them at Cherbourg were Colonel Astor's manservant, Victor Robbins, Madeleine's maid, Rosalie Bidois, their pet Aireda, Kitty, and a private nurse, Carolina Louise Endres.

After the Titanic had the disastrous accident, Colonel Astor went to see what happened. He returned shortly and told Madeleine that they had hit an iceberg but the damage didn't appear serious.

Shortly after they were on the boat deck. Madeleine lent Leah Aks, a passenger, her shawl so that her son, Filly, could stay warm. Later, in the evening, the Astors went to the gymnasium to sit on the mechanical horses.

They both wore their lifebelts but Colonel Astor got his hands on another one and cut it up with a pen knife so that his wife could see what it was made of. Later still, they moved down to the A-deck. Madeleine boarded lifeboat 4, without her husband, accompanied by second Officer Charles Lightoller. Colonel Astor wasn't able to come with her. He died in the sinking.

Madeleine inherited 5 million dollars income from a trust fund and use of his homes on Fifth Avenue and in Newport. In August of 1912, Madeleine gave birth to the baby she was carrying while onboard the Titanic. It was a boy which she called John Jacob Astor after her deceased husband.

During the fiery World War One she married William K. Dick and lost all claim to the Astor fortune. She divorced William in 1933 in Reno, Nevada. Madeleine went on to marry prize-fighter, Enzo Fiermonte. The marriage ended when he died in 1938. She then took back the surname Dick. Madeleine died in Palm Beach, Florida in 1940. She was only 47 years of age.

Copal comments about Madeleine Astor:
"Madeleine Astor was in a scandalous marriage and faced the pressures with grace. Imagine the troubles a young woman of her age would face if Bill Gates chose her for a wife (and in a delicate condition no less). She was living her life as she wanted and didn't crumble under the gossip and attention. With the sinking she still dealt with the tragedy with strength and accepted her husband's judgment and sacrifice."

Little is known about Madeleine Astor before she married her millionaire husband in 1911. If anyone has any info I may have missed e-mail me at Thanks.


Colonel John Jacob Astor the fourth

Name: John Jacob Astor the fourth
Born: July 13th, 1864
Place: Rhinebeck, New York
Died: April 14, 1912

Colonel John Jacob Astor was born on July 13, 1864 in Rhinebeck, New York. He was the son of William Astor and great-grandson of John Jacob Astor who was a fur trader. Astor attended St. Paul's School, Concord and then Harvard University. After traveling abroad from 1888-1891, he returned to the USA to manage the family fortune. He owned homes at 840 Fifth Avenue, New York and another at Ferncliff, Rhinebeck, New York.

In 1894 he wrote a novel, A Journey to Other Worlds, which was a semi-scientific book. In 1898 he developed the bicycle brake. He also helped develop the turbine engine and invented a pneumatic road-improver. In 1897 Astor built the Astoria Hotel in New York which is part the Wardorf hotel, built by his cousin, William Waldorf Astor. It became known as the Waldorf-Astoria. He also had built 2 others, in 1905 the Hotel St. Regis and the Knickerbocker in 1906.

In 1898, Astor became Colonel-staff to General Levi P. Morton. At the time of the Spanish-American War, he was commissioned as a lieutenant colonel in the U.S. volunteers. He also let the U.S. government and provided the mountain battery of artillery to use against the Spanish.

On May 1st, 1891, Astor finally settled down and married Ava Willing, who was the daughter of Edward Shippen Willing of Philadelphia. They had 2 children, William Vincent Astor and Ava Alice Muriel Astor. Then, in 1909, Astor divorced Ava after 19 years of marriage. In 1911, 2 years later, Astor married eighteen-year-old, Madeleine Force. (This was interesting because she was a year younger than Astor's son, William.)

The next year is mentioned in detail on Madeleine's info, so I won't repeat it again and bore you. I will say that his badly crushed and spot-covered body was recovered on Monday, April 22 by the small ship, McKay-Bennett and they came to believe he was hit by a funnel. Here is the report they made:

"No. 124- Male- Estimated age 50 - Light hair and mustache."

"Clothing - Blue serge suit; blue handkerchief with 'A.V.'; belt with gold buckle; brown boots with red rubber soles; brown flannel shirt, 'J.J.A.' on back of collar."

"Effects- Gold watch; cuff links, gold with diamonds; diamond ring with three stones; 225 pounds in English notes; 2440 in notes; 5 pds in gold; 7s in silver; 5 ten franc pieces; gold pencil; pocketbook."

"First Class"     "Name - J.J. Astor"

Here's a little on other relatives:

His Ex-wife, Ava Lowle Willing
Born: September 15, 1868
Place: Philadelphia

Ava Lowle Willing married John Jacob Astor in 1890. They were married in her home town of Philadelphia. They had two children together, William Vincent Astor and Ava Alice Muriel. In 1909, after 19 years of marriage, the couple separated and then divorced the next year. Ava then went to live in England. In 1919, she married Lord Thomas Lister of Riddlesdale. He died on October 21, 1925. Ava never remarried. She didn't have any children in this marriage either. Ava continued to be known as Lady Riddlesdale until she died on June 9, 1958 in New York City. She left her son $25,000 and the rest of her $3,000,000 estate went to the four children of her daughter.

Astor's son: William Vincent Astor
William Vincent Astor was married three times but when he died on February 3, 1959, he was childless. His widow, Mary Brooke (Russell) Astor, he nicknamed her "Pookie", still lives in New York as far as I know. She would be in her late 90's.

Astor's daughter: Ava Alice Muriel Astor
Ava married 4 times in her lifetime. Her first husband Prince Serge Obolensky, a former Czarist officer, then she married Raimund Von Hofmannath, an Australian writer, her third husband was Phillip Harding, a British journalist, and then, her final husband was David
Pleydell-Bouverie, who was a New York architect. All of these marriages ended in divorce. Ava, died on July 19, 1956 of a stroke and was only 54 years old. She has 4 children and they would be, Ivan Obolensky, Sylvia Von Hofmannsthal (now Sylvia Guirey), Romana Von Hofmannsthal (now Romana McEwan), and Emily Harding. All of them still live in New York City.

Corey Ann's comments on J.J. Astor:
"Actually I really liked J.J. I thought he was a true first class gentleman. I wish that James Cameron would have kept the part on with him looking for his dog. It is so touching to me, because I am a dog lover and it just shows how dedicated he was to his family. He made sure his wife was safe on a boat, and that his dog had a shot at surviving... as well as every other dog on the ship. He was a real honorable man."


2 March 1871 : First White Star Line ship, Oceanic sails from Liverpool to New York.

23 March 1998: Titanic awarded 11 Oscars, including Best Picture, at 70th Academy Awards ceremony.

27 March 1935: Last voyage of sister ship Olympic, Southampton to New York.
31 March 1909: Titanic keel laid at Harland and Wolff, Belfast, Ireland.

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